About us

About Wellness Dunya

Wellness Dunya Industries focus on product and solution for healthy lifestyle weather it is food , sanitation or automation of daily public used items with the help of technology . Wellness Dunya with its team designers and product development manufactures product solutions to meet these requirements. We integrate the latest technology available that beats the existing norms of performance, Self-sustaining facilities are the need of the hour. Wellness Dunya Industries ’s product engineering group brings innovative products that emphasize firstly on social aspect and later on commercial values to make it feasible. Wellness Dunya Industries is a diversified product development and engineering company focused on technology driven system and industrial solution integration. Wellness Dunya Industries customized solutions when it comes to industrial segment mostly focusing for Automation for Public use are being widely used by general public but also benefits Private business owners , Government and other business sector. The technology partnerships and experts in the area of IoT, Mobile platforms and field automation products empower Wellness Dunya Industries to provide reliable solutions to its customers.

Founder’s Message

In today’s time not just due to pandemic but also the environment that we live-in poses various challenges for providing public sanitation. As we move towards better society and with raised living standard around we should have our public sanitation facilities hygienic and durable. Considering the cost of total ownership last years' service cost of a Public Toilet, 70% of the cost will be its operational cost. Without proper maintenance, public toilets are useless and a health hazard to the public. But requirements for public toilets are increasing exponentially with the economic development and resulting urbanization and floating population. The highways, malls, airports, railway stations, general hospitals, stadiums, prepaid taxi counters, camping and training sites, tourist places, military camps, construction sites and public offices require Soilet®. Wellness Dunya Industries is proud to introduce it’s 1st Saudi Smart Public Toilet brand.

Our Mission

Is to fulfill society's health and hygiene interest assuring the sanitation conditions and be a pioneer and leader in Public Health and Sanitation in the region and built a state of the art technology product enabling institute and government on their governance at a click of a button .

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide people with the best standards of health, comfort and quality of life in all public places facilities while innovation all technical and health solutions that rise to the level of human beings.