Saudi's 1st Smart Public Toilet


Smart Public Toilet (Soilet®) is such a product developed by Wellness Dunya Industries , with the aim of providing sustainable and hygienic public sanitation with the use of advanced automation methodologies. Soilet® resolves operational bottlenecks faced in Public Toilet Management by the application of state-of-the-art technologies. Soilet® has best in esthetics interiors with hydrophobic coating to address Saudi conditions and touch-free operations. The travelers and pedestrians prefer the comfort of Soilet® because of its neatness, hygiene, convenience and safety they enjoyed inside. Soilet® are designed with an aim of giving a world class experience in public toilets with IoT, robotics and ewallet enabled!. We will provide Smart Public Toilet units with lifetime service and maintenance.

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The intelligence embedded in Soilet® keeps it clean, in spite of careless

Power Cleaning

We have used a unique technology with automated mechanism to clean the floor.


It is commonly observed in public toilets that people tend to damage the door handle.


Stainless steel 304 grade facades of walls and roof, and 316 grade 2mm stainless steel sheets


The fabrication of the body is done with utmost care to make it tamper-proof and rust-proof.

Self Cleaning

Though everyone takes care of maintaining hygienic toilets at their homes.

What is SOILET ?

Soilet® is a self maintainable public toilet which has self-cleaning mechanisms. It saves the cost of operation and maintenance of public toilets by almost 90 percent by deploying new public toilet servicing methods. Pay-per-use public toilets are not only effective at places where there is heavy flow of people like markets, parks and public places . But highways and city outskirts are the places where public toilets are most required. But it is not possible to maintain these toilets with 24/7 human resources methods as there will not be many users all the time. Here Soilet with its unique self cleaning mechanism, vandal proof design, luxurious interiors, high level of hygiene and low operational cost become effective way to offer this service to travelers.

SOILET Features

Wellness Dunya Industries developed web based software to monitor its status which ensures proper service of each unit during its service time. Soilet® is portable and with variant models to help men, women and disabled. Women friendly Soilet® will have women-friendly features such as napkin vending machine, incinerator to destroy used napkins, baby stations for changing diapers and the like. Soilet® has automatic sensor taps and dustbins. Fans and lights will start functioning once the door is opened. There will be a water tank inside the toilet and the door will be opened only if the tank has enough water.

Smart Performance

Soilet® is equipped with the classic blend of most advanced cutting-edge technology.

Elegant Design

Soilet® is designed & constructed with elegant design & premium quality material.


Soilet® is contactless with sensor operations to eliminate the use of levers & switches.


Soilet® is designed and constructed to take a small footprint & is very easy for portability.

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