Remote Monitoring

Remote operation monitoring to ensure better and timely service: Soilet® sends data of its operation and status to a remote database which is available for multiple applications like SCDA software, operation al analysis software and mobile toilet finder. The data transmission using GPRS/3G networks, ensures proper maintenance and service and its monitoring from different levels of supervisors.
Following Information is monitored.

  • If water is there or not
  • If electricity if there or not
  • The Usage Count
  • If Panic button is pressed or not
  • If the usage is too long or not

Toilet Finder App

Public toilet finder to find toilets in real time with its operational status: The real benefit out of this information and communication technological advancement in the modern world stands worth when it really benefits the users – general public. This mobile app will be freely available to public which is boom to travelers without having much knowledge in local languages to find out a clean and hygienic Soilet® nearby. They can know the current status of it from the mobile app.