Support and its requirement overview

Remote Monitoring Live

allowing clients to log in to our Soilet® units remotely on a live (real time) basis and view/reset alarms, view usage history, modify unit settings. This is paid subscriber service.

Operations Manual

operations manuals relevant to various Soilet® units.

Repair Parts List

where clients can view details on the various spare parts that are available for the most common repairs and maintenance requirements for our Soilet® units

After Sale Services

Wellness Dunya Industries or its agent will install Soilet®s and provide one year support free of cost. The daily maintenance has to be done by the owners. If they prefer to have an ISV- our intelligent service vehicle specially designed to clean and service Soilet®s, we can provide it with additional cost. This ISV can ensure uninterrupted support for the system with a dedicated service support person with service vehicle and equipment. In Soilet® daily one time cleaning is required by manually removing any residues and bottles. Wellness Dunya Industries or its agent usually undertake 5 years maintenance along with installation and outsource it for local contractors or NGO under our supervision. It required a minimum number of toilets to be installed in a city. If the owner arranges for daily cleaning and servicing of Soilet®s, Wellness Dunya Industries will provide training to the local cleaning staff.


Without proper maintenance, public toilets are useless and a health hazard to the public. Intelligent Service Vehicle (ISV) which maintains a cluster of Soilet® units installed in and around a city or municipality. It has uniformed and trained service person, pressure cleaning facility, mobile incinerator and service parts required for the maintenance and daily cleaning of installed Soilet®s. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to clean one Soilet®