SOILET Features

Structure and Fabrication

At most care is taken to design its body fabrication tamper proof and rust proof. Tamper proof fasteners with stainless steel 304 grade facades of walls and roof, and bottom 316 grade 3mm stainless steel sheets with perforation, ensures hygiene at public usage.

Online monitoring

We offer software for supervisory control over all installed Soilet. A GPRS system installed inside the toilets can transmit data like its usage, cleaning, sensor status to a remote computer. This in turn can monitor using the web interface we provide.

Power Cleaning

There is a unique feature like pressure cleaning with spiral nozzles to ensure even water jet cleaning at usable areas of toilet floors and walls with reduced water usage.

Pre-flush mechanism

Most of the time, toilet hygiene is compromised since users may not wet the toilet pan before using it. Our Soilet® employs a pre-flush mechanism that wets the pan before every use automatically. This makes it possible to clean the pan in a single flush from the cistern.

Self Cleaning

We never fail to maintain toilet hygiene at our home, but that is not the case in public toilets. On top is the acute shortage of labour for cleaning lavatories. The timed pressure sprayers, perforated floors, auto-flush and the stainless steel body helps in self-cleaning of our toilets.


It is commonly observed in public toilets that people tend to spoil the door handle, switches, tap knobs, or flush knobs by rough use. By automating these operations, there is no need for any manual intervention except manually bolting the door from inside.

Optimized and Efficient

The water and power supply is a depleting resource and therefore the wastage of such valuable resources in public toilets is an additional pressure on the suppliers. Our toilets optimize the usage of water by pre-flush, pressure flush, and pressure spray.

Unique design for hygiene

We believe in addition to self-cleaning mechanisms, it is very important to have a system that supports effective cleaning. We have developed a unique design that makes cleaning effective. For e.g., our floors are perforated and tilted to ensure all the grime does not remain on the floor surface.

Never Locked inside

Once inside, the user can manually bolt and unbolt the door from inside. So there is absolutely no chance that a user can get stuck inside. The door is designed for emergencies such as this, where it can be opened by any person from outside with a telephonic direction.


The life expectancy of these public toilets is 15 to 20 years. The interior of the toilet is stainless steel 304 grade 1.5 mm thick wall and top cladding and floor is made up of 316 grade stainless steel 3mm perforated sheet. Outside is made up of an aluminum composite panel with 4mm thickness.

Cleaning and hygiene

Intelligent public toilets are designed for self cleaning using a water jet system. It cleans the floor and wall of SS cladded inside the body. USI can offer water repellent coating as an additional option to add its hygiene. It also has provision for manual cleaning using pressure cleaners for outer area cleaning.

Revenue Generation

Generally public toilets are kept in nooks and corners where there is no scope for advertisement. But the outer elevation can be customized to offer advertisement if requested. Further there is coin collection which can be used as a revenue making system.

Waste treatment options

The waste is usually connected to the sewage line provided by the local authorities. However in places where there is no scope of any sewage line, we provide bio-membrane tanks which can separate fecal matter into bio-waste and grey water that is completely odorless.

water Conservation

Intelligent public toilets cleans its wall and floor frequently and automatically but the system uses high pressure water jet cleaning without using any harmful cleaning solutions. The pressure cleaning of fifteen or twenty seconds makes sure minimum required water usage.


Soilet is compact and occupies less space. It is designed and constructed to take a small footprint and is very easy for portability and installation.