Easy Installation Process

Wellness Dunya Industries and its distributors are able to meet customer requirements from simply supplying the toilet facility directly to the site or depot or they can offer a full supply and installation service for the Soilet® facilities.
These services can include the following:

Site Plans

Wellness Dunya Industries can provide site plans for the location of the toilet facility including the relationship to boundaries, roads and the position of services.

Building Consent Details

Wellness Dunya Industries will normally provide a set of building consent drawings which includes floor plans, elevations, sections, foundations and services plans.

Site Works

Once consent is approved, Wellness Dunya Industries will normally be able to undertake all the site works including securing the site with security fencing and arranging the site clearance and excavation of the surface.


Wellness Dunya Industries will excavate the foundations, place the formwork and reinforcing steel and pour the foundations prior to the delivery of the unit.

Service Installation

Wellness Dunya Industries will normally arrange for subcontractors to run all the service connections from the various service supply or discharge points through to the point where the toilet will be located and terminate them just short of the facility.

Transport and Craneage

Wellness Dunya Industries will normally arrange for the toilet unit to be transported to the site and for a suitable sized crane to be available to lift the toilet unit.

Toilet Installation

Once the toilet is down on the foundations, it can be secured to the foundations as required. Great care has to be taken to ensure that the foundations are at the correct level.

Connection of Services

Once the toilet unit is in position, Wellness Dunya Industries will trench back under the unit to connect the services from the service hole in the service area through to the services just outside the toilet unit.


Wellness Dunya Industries will normally provide and install the paving around the toilet facility to match in with the surrounding environment as required by the designers.


Wellness Dunya Industries and its distributors would not normally become involved in extensive landscaping but minor grass planting and other site work like seats, drinking fountains, shelters and planters can be incorporated into the work required.


Wellness Dunya Industries will normally send an experienced representative to the site once all services are connected and operational to commission the toilet unit and hand it over to the customer.

Ongoing Support

Wellness Dunya Industries and their distributors will provide comprehensive ongoing support to the owner and can offer a range of different levels of service as required to ensure that the product remains in good condition over the life cycle.

Daily Cleaning & ISV

Without proper maintenance, public toilets are useless and a health hazard to the public. Intelligent Service Vehicle (ISV) which maintains a cluster of Soilet® units installed in and around a city or municipality.

Eco Compositing Biomembrane Treatment

For remote locations, or sites with no sewerage or acute water conservation needs, then Wellness Dunya Industries can help with an Eco Composting Public Toilet solution, a biomembrane tank.

Remote Monitoring

Remote operation monitoring to ensure better and timely service: Soilet® sends data of its operation and status to a remote database which is available for multiple applications like SCDA software, operational analysis software and mobile toilet finder.